Wrist Splint Modification

Today a patient I’ll call “Rich” came into our Atlantic Physical Therapy and Rehab services outpatient Occupational Therapy clinic in Berlin, MD. Rich competes in the Mid Atlantic Motor Cross Association and is currently ranked #1 (masters) as well as being ranked in the top four nationally.
In November 2016 , Rich fractured his left wrist. Plates and screws were surgically put in his wrist. He attends OT several days a week for rehabilitation. Rich is compliant with his home exercise program and is anxious to get back on the track, but understandably concerned about injuring his left wrist again.
Recently upon walking in the clinic with his handlebars to his motor cross bike he asked” Hey Sally can you help me out here? I need to be able to grip on to these handle bars really tight this weekend. I’ve decided to enter my first race post surgery.
I replied with” Absolutely let’s see what we can do to make that goal happen for you”.
I remolded his wrist custom made splint to the hand position necessary during the 12.5 mile , 5 lap dirt track race he was scheduled to participate in in just two days.
Today I’m happy to share Rich’s story as he returned for more therapy and announced a first place win in the race.
Below a picture of Rich with his left wrist splint modification coming in for the win.

Sally Hawkins CHT

Dirt Racer Sally June