What is a HEP ?

What is a HEP and why is it important?

HEP stands for Home Exercise Program. This is usually something your therapist will go over with you during one of your first PT appointments. It usually includes exercises that will supplement your Physical Therapy program to help address your deficits and help you to quickly return you to your prior level of function. Your therapist will likely progress your program and update it to appropriately match your progress in therapy. The HEP is designed to help maintain the gains you have made in therapy during treatment, as well as when you have been discharged from treatment. Being compliant with your HEP helps to ensure a smoother and sometimes faster recovery. Once you have met your goals in therapy, and nearing discharge, ask your therapist how you can continue to maintain or progress at home.

As always, we at Atlantic Physical Therapy in Ocean Pines, MD would like to assist you in your recovery, whatever your need may be.