Week 9: Brandon Burkhardt

Wk 10 Brandon Burkhardt

Week 9’s contest placed the 5 and 3 Rams versus the 7 and 1 Kent Island Buccaneers.  Going into the contest the Rams were poised for an upset of the Bayside North 2014 Regional Champs.  The contest went back and forth but ultimately the Bucs pulled the win. JV call up… Brandon Burkhardt stepped into a starting role this past week with the offensive lineman.  Sometimes when a kid gets called up especially on the offensive line, it can prove to be an intimidating experience.  Brandon wasn’t fazed; he executed and blocked like a titan all night holding down the offensive line and setting up running backs Trajon Branch and Tavon Downing for solid performances.  This upcoming week the Rams face off with Washington high school in Princess Anne Friday November 6th at 630 pm. GO Rams