Week 8: Justin Purnell

Week 8 Justin Purnell

This Week the 4 – 3 Rams were looking to get back on the winning side of things when they played host to the Stephan Decatur Seahawks at Charles A. Berry Stadium on Saturday October 24th.  The Rams, led by senior outside linebacker and this week’s Tough Guy,  Justin Purnell, proved that size and speed, combined with attitude and effort, is a great combination in football. “Just in time-Justin” stepped up to make crucial plays on defense and special teams swinging the momentum of the game for the Rams.  Envision the play-4th down- Rams have to punt from their own 3 yard line; giving plenty of room for the Decatur return man to get great field position, when out of nowhere the ball comes towards in an awkward way off to the Decatur returner’s left…he freezes as he sees number 21 barreling down on him to make a tackle. The Returner fumbles the ball and Justin scoops it back up for the Rams sealing the fate for the Seahawks.  Great play-Tough play and this week’s Tough Guy stepped up to do both at one time.