Week 7: Stephan Duong

Stephan Duong Wk 7

This Week 7 Tough Guy award goes out to the Offensive and Defensive line journeyman Stephan Duong.  In this week’s contest Parkside faced off against in town Rival Bennett. Injuries over the past few weeks have required guys to step into roles that they haven’t been accustom to playing.  In strolls senior Stephan Duong, who has played consistently throughout but really shined in his contest this past week. Two years ago, Stephan had suffered an injury to his knee which held him from competition last season.  This season the knee has proven to be solid and his performance in Fridays contest blocking defensive lineman and smacking linebackers in their face proves with hard work, discipline and a desire to get better each day…people can bounce back from any injury and “BE TOUGH”.