Vertigo Symptoms

man with vertigo holding head

If you’ve ever had dizzy spells, where you’re feeling off-balance, or that the world is spinning around you, you may have experienced an episode of vertigo. Often caused by a problem with your inner ear, vertigo is often caused by;
1. BPPV: BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, often occurs when small calcium particles clump up in the canals of the inner ear. Your inner ear sends signals to your brain and body about gravity, so when it becomes blocked, it can cause you to feel off-balance. BPPV can occur for no reason but is often associated with age.
2. Meniere’s Disease: Meniere’s disease is a disorder in your inner ear, it can be caused by the buildup of fluid, and changing pressure inside your ear. This can lead to ringing in the ears, as well as a vertigo episode.
3. Vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis: This is a problem in the inner ear, normally related to a viral infection, which causes inflammation inside the inner ear and the nerves that are important for balance.

Other causes that are less common but also associated with vertigo are;
● Head or neck injuries
● Stroke or brain tumor
● Certain medications cause damage in the ears
● Migraine headaches

Symptoms of Vertigo
Vertigo is often triggered when you change the position of your head. People who experience an episode of vertigo typically describe the feeling as spinning, swaying, pulled to one direction, and a general unbalanced feeling.

Other symptoms include feeling nauseated, headaches, sweating, as well as ringing in the ears, or hearing loss. These symptoms can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and may come and go.

Treatment is all dependent on what is causing the symptoms. While some episodes may go away without treatment, vertigo can be very unpleasant and may put you at increased risk for falls.

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