Tough Guy Week 8

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This past week…the Ram took on Snow Hill High School. Adversity and how you handle that adversity is part of the make-up of becoming tough. Parkside showed up this week and was able to walk away with a win. More importantly the team played as a unit. There were lots of highlights and spectacular plays but the biggest play came out of one single solitary tackle. It was a decision…”be the hammer or be the nail.” Around the field the Coaches echo these kind of concepts regularly. This week’s award winner Dabyrant Crockett, choose to be the Hammer. The play was simple…Snow Hill Running back, Ian Smith, breaks out of the line of scrimmage and barrels to get down the field. Running to his left Smith, dodging would be tacklers. The only thing standing in the tough running backs way was one lone corner. Crockett went up and filed tackling in perfect form. Smith is a great running, tough and a low center of gravity. Crockett tackle saved a touchdown and it definitely proved to be a huge confidence booster for the young man. Great player make great plays and have to make decisions to be tough, not just in talk but in action. This week the Ram look forward to the contest with in town rival, Wicomico. Pictured left to right , Atlantic Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist, Gwyn Benny, Dabryant Crockett and Coach Riley.