Tough Guy Week 8

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This past week’s battle in the Bayside south was exactly what people thought it had the potential to be, two teams trading blows like old-time boxers duking it out in Time’s Square. Stephan Decatur has been in every contest this season but had just come up short. Parkside has had some success as of late and has fought valiantly in each contest. It was difficult to pick just one person but when we think about crucial situations that could change the outcome of the game it became very clear, Jon McGee was the Tough Guy of the Week award winner. In the 3rd quarter, McGee was switched from Guard to Center. Not an easy job especially considering we were in the shotgun and trying to run a fast tempo offense. We needed consistency and execution. We needed to perform inside of the red zone. Jon gave us that opportunity helping to lead to the way to a 35-28 victory over Stephan Decatur. Pictured left to right, Coach Riley, Jon McGee and Atlantic Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist, Gwyn Benny.