Shoulder Impingement

At Atlantic Physical Therapy in Salisbury, MD we treat many shoulder injuries.

Gwyn Shoulder 1A Look at Shoulder Impingement
The shoulder is a complex joint. It is capable of motion in many directions. The movement produced is created by a complex balancing act by the muscles of the rotator cuff (RC) and surrounding muscles. Problems with the shoulder can occur when this balance becomes disturbed.

Patients frequently ask “What did I do to injure my shoulder?” The answer is not always easy. But I might offer some insight.
If there was no specific injury to your shoulder on of the most common diagnoses is impingement. This is an irritation of the shoulder that occurs at the tip of the shoulder, also called the AC joint. Part of the rotator cuff has to pass under the arch of the AC joint and attach to the arm. The area under the arch is where problems can occur.

Arthritis of the AC joint can narrow the space for the bursa and portions of the rotator cuff. When this happens, irritation occurs from friction and wearing against the rough under surface. This irritation can result in tendinitis, bursitis or in the worst case scenario a rotator cuff tear. Common symptoms of impingement include but are limited to pain in the shoulder, stiffness and weakness. You may have pain lying on the shoulder at night and difficulty lifting things or throwing.

Gwyn Shoulder 2

Physical therapy can help shoulder impingement through the use of heat/cold, manual therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises. So if you have shoulder pain that has not resolved or has left you with trouble sleeping, or doing the things you enjoy then you may need to see a physical therapist. Come to Atlantic Physical Therapy, Salisbury MD and we will work to regain your shoulder strength and mobility.