Commercial – Heroin Epidemic

Commercial – Fitness Center

Laurel/Salisbury 2017 Football

Physical/Occupational Therapy Ocean Pines

West OC/Fenwick

Millsboro/Ocean View

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APT – Football 2016

The Power of Eccentrics for the Aging: A Research Review

As the aging population continues to grow, therapists and researchers are turning to new modalities for effectively restoring balance and coordination to reduce fall risk. Research shows that the benefits of eccentric resistance training are significant for the aging population. This powerful tool for increasing stability and mobility results in reduced fall risk and increased confidence and quality of life. Check out this research summary exploring the benefits of eccentrics for prevention, conditioning, and rehabilitation of the aging population.

ACL Recovery Story with Eccentron

Watch the Journey from ACL Injury to NFL Rookie of the Year!

APT – Remembering 9/11

APT – World Peace

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