Parkside Tough Guy Winner – Week 7

Week 7 E1541599310319

Scoring on all sides of the ball is something that typically doesn’t happen for most high school players. If your name is Jabrontae Mills it does on this night. The 4 and 2 Rams were poised to make a comeback after a lost the previous week. Mills stepped up to the plays scoring the “hat… Read more »

Parkside High School Tough Guy Winner – Week 8

Week 8 1

Homecoming is a special time in a high school persons life. Pep Rally’s, spirit weeks and competitions among the classes make for a great environment for all students. The band plays the alma mater and someone is crowned King and Queen of the Homecoming Court. Brady Smith was King on this night registering 15 plus… Read more »

Laurel High School Tough Guy Winner – Week 8

Week 8 2

Congratulations to Week 8 Laurel High School Tough Guy Winner Senior Nathaniel Davidson. Pictured Left to Right: APT’s Physical Therapist Levi Custis, Winner Nathaniel Davidson, and Coach Eston Ennis

Laurel High School Tough Guy Winner – Week 9

Week 9

Congratulations to this week’s Laurel High School Tough Guy Award winner Trace Hitchens. Pictured Left to Right: Laurel Head Coach Eston Ennis, Winner Trace Hitchens, and APT’s Physical Therapist Levi Custis

Parkside High School Tough Guy Winner – Week 10

Week 10

The 7 and 2 Rams were to host the 1 and 8 Washington Jaguars. The Rams are in the playoff hunt and it was senior night. A time that is tough for any athlete if they take the moment to reflect about where they are in the world as this point in their lives. Seniors… Read more »

Parkside High School Tough Guy Winner – Week 9

Week 9 1

The 6-2 Rams travel up the Centreville to take on the Queen Anne’s Lion 4-4. The Lions having come off a successful campaign against Wicomico looked to challenge the Rams in what could be a make or break for both teams with concerns for post season play. The Lions started on offense and were able… Read more »

IRHS Tough Guy Winner – Week 8

Week 8

The Indian River Indians traveled to Milford to play the Buccaneers. The Indians lost to the Buccaneers 48-6. The Indians Ta’jon Knight played a great game on both sides of the ball. Ta’jon on offense had 10 carries for 52 yards and a touchdown. Defensively he played tough all night ending the game with one… Read more »

SDHS Tough Guy Winner – Week 9

Week 9

Congratulations to SDHS Tough Guy for Week 9 Senior Cameron Bradshaw. Cameron is a defensive back with 12 tackles, 8 solo, 4 assist and 2 for loss.  Stephen Decatur gave it their best as they were defeated at their Homecoming by Bennett. Pictured (L) to (R)  APT Ocean Pines Clinical Director Charles Curran, PT, Cameron Bradshaw and SDHS Head Football… Read more »

Cape Henlopen Tough Guy Weekly Winner – Week 8

Week 8 E1540992767339

Cape Henlopen High Schools Week 8 Tough Guy Winner is Senior Patrick Tkach. Patrick plays defensive end, tight end and punter for the Vikings and has been a steady contributor all season. Pictured left to right: APT Physical Therapist Matthew Savini, Winner Jack Dennis, Cape Henlopen Head Coach J.D. Maull

Parkside High School – Tough Guy Winner – Week 6

Week 6 1

Week 6 of the 2018 season pitted the Rams versus the Clippers in a battle for City Championship rights. The contest had two 4-1 teams looking to make a splash towards the playoff push. The crowd and atmosphere was everything that was expected with Fans on both sides representing their respective teams and lines into… Read more »