Parkside High School Tough Guy Winner Week 6

Week 6 (1)

Ramfams welcome back to another rendition of the Weekly Tough Guy report brought to you By Atlantic Physical Therapy and your Parkside Ram Football Team. The Week – Just Kidding-well what wasn’t really a week more like a two day rest the Rams took on North Caroline’s Bulldog team, who was coming in sitting at 4-1 while the Ramfam was sitting at 3-2. The Rams had played Monday and then had to turn around and play Friday. Battered and bruised the team continued to fight.  The Rams fought throughout the night lead by Junior OLB/FB Ernest Ayieko.  Ernest was domination on the offensive and defensive sides causing collisions everywhere he went.  He demonstrated character and integrity as he continued to push himself and his teammates towards success.  Continue to watch Ernest as he demonstrates the essence of the Tough Guy award.

Pictured Left to Right, Parkside Head Football Coach, Brendan Riley, Ernest Ayieko, APT Physical Therapy Assistant, Abby Alvanitakis