Parkside High School Tough Guy Winner Week 6

Week 6 Caleb Chronister

The Contest was like no other. The Rams vs Clippers was an epic back and forth contest between the two Salisbury City Rivals. The Rams battled all night on the trench led by the 6’6 300 lbs. left tackle Caleb Chronister. The Rams offense put up a combine 497 yards of offense on the ground and in the air. Caleb’s dominance was evident throughout the contest, throwing defenders on the ground and playing the type of physical football that has become a staple of the Rams approach to the game. Pounding the rock left with his physical presence and work ethic made it a clear choice for this week’s Tough guy.  The Rams are home this week for their Homecoming versus Snow Hill. Expect Caleb to be ready to go as the Rams look to improve their record in this contest.

Pictured Left to Right; Caleb Chronister and APT Physical Therapy Assistant Abby Calabrese