Managing Knee Pain

Tips on managing knee pain:

–Avoid prolonged sitting/rest. This can minimize circulation and lead to stiffness.

–Exercise!! Consider low-impact activity, such as pool aerobics or stationary bike. Strengthening exercises should be included in your routine.

–Wear appropriate shoes (especially if you spending a lot of time on your feet)

–Avoid falls! Use an assistive device if your balance is compromised

–Manage your weight

–Modalities, such as ice or heat can help manage your pain. Use ice and elevation for swelling and soreness. Use heat for tightness and stiffness.

If you are concerned about your knee pain, please talk to your doctor. We are more than happy to help you with your rehabilitative needs and create an appropriate and individualized exercise routine.

Lindsay Duryea, Atlantic Physical Therapy

Ocean Pines, MD