Left Distal Biceps Tendon Avulsion Repair

The biceps tendon connects the biceps muscle to the bone at the elbow and the shoulder. Either the proximal end or distal end may rupture. Often in middle aged men- this injury frequently occurs when lifting or pulling on a heavy object. Most often, a snap or a pop is both felt and heard and pain occurs around the shoulder or elbow depending on which part of the biceps tendon is torn.While non- operative treatment may be appropriate for some individuals, surgical management is an option for others. Following surgery, patients are referred to outpatient Occupational Therapy services for fabrication of a long arm splint to wear for protection.Per protocol patients advance with range of motion, wean from elbow splint and progress with strengthening exercises all with the goal of restoring functional mobility for self care independence and return to work / hobbies.As in this case Mr. X ( per patient permission) was helping a neighbor move a salt water tank when he torn his distal biceps tendon. Surgery followed by outpatient Occupational Therapy rehabilitation. Mr. X works on the Bay Bridge full time and with hard work / dedication he is returning back to work the end of December. It was a great pleasure to work with this gentlemen. Now time to thank him for his services in helping to keep our bridge safe.At Atlantic Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services in Berlin, MD our mission is to help restore functional mobility to facilitate greater independence.Kind Regards,
Sally Hawkins OTR, CHT, CLT
Occupational Therapy, Atlantic Physical Therapy, Ocean Pines, MD

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