Cartilage Degeneration

Knees, you’ll miss them when they are gone.

Through degeneration our knee cartilage diminishes and we began to feel pain and have swelling in our knees. There are other reasons our knees can hurt but I will be discussing pain related degenerative changes. As our cartilage wears our bones begin to approximate, the term bone on bone or diminished joint space are the terms most often used. This is not good as our cartilage serves as a buffer for forces transmitted from the ground through our bodies. Cartilage does not have nerve endings, therefore can not sense pain. When our bones end up rubbing together this is what causes pain and swelling making all the things we take for granted like walking, gardening, or playing with our kids very difficult. Need some motivation to lose a few pounds? Countless studies show the correlation between weight loss and less knee pain. Whys is this so? For starters every pound you lose is 4 pounds less on your knees.

So what do we do about it? As usual the answer is lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise. Gaining strength and mobility in our legs is key, and knowing where to start is sometimes hard, this is where we come in. A physical therapist can help start your course of action at the right level of intensity and difficulty as to not exacerbate your symptoms.

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