“I’ve been going to the Salisbury office for my neck and then my back. I was always greeted when I came in which made me feel comfortable. The therapy was very professional. They always knew what I needed to have done without putting me through unnecessary pain. I would recommend this office to anyone.”

- D. Ross

Thank you Mr. Schultz for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy.

- Mr. Schultz

- Mr. G
- Glenn

- LJ Johnson

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Keiser very much for your kind words and for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Selbyville.

“How do you say thank you for giving back your life? You are an extremely beautiful family of sincere dedicated members. We are going to miss your enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism, but mostly we are going to miss you – Our New Family! We do love you!” – Mr. & Mrs. Keiser

Keiser group picture
- Mr. & Mrs. Keiser
Dale Albert
- Mr. Albert

“I would highly recommend Atlantic Physical Therapy. They are very professional & knowledgeable.”

- Mr. Dickerson

- Mr. Evans

Thank you Mr. Gross for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Ocean Pines, MD and thank you for your kind words. It was our pleasure working with you. woody

- Mr. Gross
Higgins Testimonial salisbury
- Mr. Higgins

Thank you Mr. Larkin for your kind words and for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Ocean Pines.

- Mr. Larkin

“The physical therapy I received really improved my shoulders strength and the staff was very nice and supportive.”

- Mr. Mills

- Mr. Norm

“I would like to commend Adam Jones (PT) and Anne Haley (Office Manager) at the Millsboro location for their excellent skills in helping me get back on my feet again…literally! I have been going to work with Adam for about 6 weeks because the Millsboro facility has a anti- gravity treadmill that I need to help strengthen the muscle in my legs so I will have the ability to walk again with no assistance. I had two spinal operations within two weeks of one another, the first one left me with no strength in my legs and worst pain than before. I was unable to lift my legs and after two unbelievable weeks in a rehab facility they realize that there was a major problem…so an emergency MRI was preformed and emergency surgery was done within a day..unfortunately it didn’t help with my walking or the pain so I have been in a wheelchair since. So I’m anticipating with the Millsboro physical therapy and I\’m seeing an improvement with each session.. I know this will take time but with Adam’s guidance, Anne’s encouragement and my determination I will be walking on my own once again..Thanks for having employees that truly enjoy helping their patients and have fun doing it!”

- Mr. Phillips

“Transportation really helped, being away from home. I had no one to drive me. Couldn’t have done it without APT. Huge shout out to all of you! Thank you.”

- Mr. Still

“Very excited to have a free month at your gym & the staff was very encouraging.”

- Mr. Walker

“Everyone here is very pleasant and it is a joy to be rehabbed at this facility. A high class operation.”

- Mr. Waters

“This is my second time with Sally and I have recommended her to Dr. Walker for his patients.”

- Mrs. Cofiell

“Sally works magic. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for therapy.”

- Mrs. Geary

“Extremely wonderful people :)”

- Mrs. Lehman

“Excellent care! Loved the facility, very beautiful!”

- Mrs. McColgan

“I was treated for lymphadema by Sally. Her caring touch along with the help of Denise gave me a great experience here. I plan to come back if anything should happen to my legs in the New Year.”

- Mrs. Pieper

“Thank you for the great treatment on my wrist. Sally was very helpful.”

- Mrs. Steen

“Sally & B are the best! I hope to be back!”

- Ms. Biscoe
Thank you so much for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Selbyville & for your kind words.
“My experience here was very great. Great staff and welcoming” -Ms. Boatman
- Ms. Boatman

“Great experience! Great time! Great team! Love you guys!”

- Ms. Bower

“Therapy is great! I love it.”

- Ms. Bradshaw

“I would go back if I need to.”

- Ms. Carey

“Everyone very professional & knowledgeable.”

- Ms. Cerrato

“Everybody who works here are extremely helpful & knows what they are doing. They go above and beyond what they have to do. They are the greatest!”

- Ms. Cianiulli

“Hopefully I won’t have to come back, but I love it here!”

- Ms. Dill

“Both of them (Sally & Bianca) are the best. I did not want to be discharged. I loved coming.”

- Ms. Francis

“Sally was very good & very concerned & took a lot of care in my progression. I’m glad I am able to write again. It’s not perfect, but I’m getting there.”

- Ms. Freer

“An excellent experience. Recommend highly.”

- Ms. Hambright

Thank you Ms. Lewis for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy and for your kind words.

- Ms. Lewis

“Very good experience”

- Ms. Rhea

Sally made me feel comfortable and at ease. My therapy was wonderful.”

- Ms. Stamp

Thank you Ms. Welsh for your kind words and for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy.

- Ms. Welsh

“Sally was a pleasure to be treated by. She made me coffee and made sure I was comfortable each visit. I wish I could stay forever.”

- Ms. Winstead

Thank you Ms. Winters for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Salisbury, MD.

Salisbury Paula Winters
- Ms. Winters

- Mr. Herbert

Thank you Ms. Bivens for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Salisbury, MD. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Testimonial from Ms Bivens
- Ms. Bivens

“I think Atlantic Physical Therapy in Salisbury is one of the best places you can go. They treat you with love and respect, not just a number. I tell all my friends to go there. Thank you.”

- Patrick P

- Linda G.

Thank you Ms. Kris for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Laurel. Thank you so much for the kind words and card. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Kris H
- Kris H.

- Ms. Linda

We love receiving notes like this. Thank you for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Ocean Pines, MD.

Berlin 8417

Berlin 080417

- Shelly S.

- Betty

- Ms Velma

- Sheila

- Barbara Shamp – Fenwick

Matt, JoAnn, Jeny & Ashley,

Just a note to thank you so much for the wonderful care during my time at Atlantic Physical Therapy. I made noticeable improvements with my hip issue. During my therapy session, I thoroughly enjoyed not only the competent treatments, but the warm and welcoming atmosphere. I will recommend you to anyone looking for excellent therapy!

All the best

- Diane Rhone

Dear Mr. Hammond,

I hope this finds you well. My name is Don Buschman, a patient of Atlantic Physical Therapy in Ocean Pines. In April of last year I was admitted into St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Baltimore, MD where I underwent an operation on my back. During my 10 week stay in the hospital I was exposed to countless forms of therapy with varying success. After discharge, various in-home treatments were unsuccessful. Finally, after someone at our church had recommended Atlantic Physical Therapy, my wife and I decided to make an appointment for an evaluation. I must say God must have been watching over me that day.

As I entered, wheelchair bound, with my wife, we were welcomed by two warm, effervescent professionals, Michelle and Bianca. Immediately I knew I was in the right place. When I was taken back I was again warmly welcomed by professionals, Lindsay and Charles. During the evaluation, Charles recommended that I see a doctor who could provide me with a prescription for muscle relaxers due to extreme muscle retraction.

After following up with a doctor I returned to Charles for my rehab assignment. While the progress was gradual, I could see that this was going to work almost immediately — and I was very comfortable with the treatment plan. As I progressed on my path to recovery, to walk again, I began working with two other superstars, Will and Emma. From wheelchair to walker to cane, I owe the progress made in my mobility to not only the facility at Atlantic Physical Therapy, but even more to the wonderful professionals who have worked with me in my time as a patient. Who knows what other hurdles I may have had to jump in order to get to this point, if I got to this point at all, had I not gotten that recommendation that day at church.

These days people are quick to voice criticism when things don’t go their way. The same should be done for recognition when people do great things. The professionals working at APT are exceptional and should be recognized as such. Again, I sincerely thank you and the wonderful staff for their efforts on my road to recovery.


- Donald Buschman Jr.

- Edward Graybeal – Ocean View

Thank you, James for choosing Atlantic Physical Therapy in Salisbury, MD. It has been our pleasure working with you. We wish you the best!

- James – Salisbury, MD

I am not sure if this is the correct location to provide positivity concerning the Selbyville location, but I would like to add some additional positivity to your website. My son has been receiving therapy since October when he suffered an injury on the football field. I can not thank the staff of the Selbyville location for all of the physical and mental attention that they have provided to both of us. From the moment we walked into the door, we were treated like family and continue to feel that was as my son continues frequenting their location; several times a week. The staff helped us to understand his diagnosis, his surgery and assisted to maintain a motivated teenager who is struggling due to his physical condition. I have joked with the staff, that we will miss them when we are dismissed as they have become an integral part of our lives. All that I can sa y, is that they are kind, professional, prepared and always willing to assist. I am sure that even after we are finished with therapy, they will hold a special place in my heart and I am sure that my car will continue to stop in and say \”hello.\”

- Janet H.

I just completed my last PT at your Laurel DE location. Just wanted to let you know I will recommend this location to anyone. Great and friendly staff. Also very professional. They treat all their clients with the utmost care. Staff makes you feel very comfortable. I just have nothing but wonderful things to say. Thank you very much!!!!!

- Linda T.
- Mr. and Mrs. Nack

- Mr. Quillen
1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3
- Mrs. Rosalind
P. Wise
- P. Wise


Joan Marie Testimonial Thumb
- Joan Marie
- Rita C.
- Nick G
- Mr. G
- Michael L
- Dennis K.
- Jack H.
- Cristina F. Para
- Cory W.
- Hayden S.
- Sarah B.
- Fausto D.
- Betty H.
- Linda C.
- Thomas B.

After a hand injury in August, I waited almost two months before seeking medical attention. By that time, my index finger and thumb were fine, but my other three fingers were basically immobile. They were still swollen and the pain was unbelievable. After my doctor determined there were no fractures, he sent me to Atlantic Physical Therapy where I was evaluated by their certified hand therapist, Sally Hawkins.

After five weeks of therapy, I have full use of those fingers. I am grateful that my physician was adamant that I see Sally. I was unaware that only 5,400 people hold this hand therapy certification worldwide. I believe my expedient recovery is due to her and her expertise. Thank you Sally, I would also like to thank everyone at the Atlantic PT. From the moment you walk though the front door, you are treated with kindness and compassion. The encouragement I received from not only Sally, but everyone from the front office to the other therapist was remarkable. No one wants to suffer an injury or illness, which makes physical therapy a necessity. But if you do, I don’t think you could find a better place than Atlantic PT.

Thanks to All,

- A. M.

Sally Hawkins, OTR, CHT, CLT is a kind and caring professional with the patient’s success at heart. She is a pleasure to work with. Sally also demonstrates the highest standards and knowledge in returning function to the patient’s arm or hand.

- Allison S.

To all the therapists and staff at Atlantic Physical Therapy I would like to say “Thank You” for all of your help and encouragement during recovery from rotator cuff surgery. I am happy to say during my three month journey the physical therapists and staff were very knowledgeable, very personable and very professional. Even though we worked hard, I enjoyed the conversations and smiles while I regained my strength and full rotation of my right arm after the rotator cuff was repaired. A special thanks to Charles C, Bobby, Levi, Charles O, Heather, Sally, Gavin, Doc and Michele. I will truly miss seeing all of you at Atlantic PT. Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer.

- Anonymous

Michele is Excellent, my doctor sent me here to work with Sally Hawkins OTR, she is wonderful, very soft spoken, kind and considerate and very well educated in her area. She is a joy and took my fear away. Dr Bontempo values her opinion.

- Anonymous

All the staff at the Salisbury, MD location are top notch. The Salisbury office was fun, friendly and very helpful as well as being concerned for my well being.

I will definitely return in the future.

- Anonymous

Attention: Management, Therapists, and Staff

I would like to thank all of you for a very positive experience during my pain management therapy at Atlantic Physical Therapy. From the first phone call to Mike, to the initial interview with Cristina, throughout the hands-on therapy with Charles, and interaction with the receptionist, I was very please with the attention and care I received. My condition is improving and hopefully with the exercises being done at home, it will continue to improve. Thank you, once again, and I wish you and your clients great success in the future.

- B.
- B. Nygaard

I consider the physical therapy treatment I received at Atlantic Physical Therapy to be outstanding. If it was a movie, I’d give it five stars!

From the first contact for an appointment to my last visit it was an excellent experience. No one likes having to go to therapy, but if you must, go to APT. The environment is very clean and cheerful with is pretty painted walls and music playing. The entire staff is quite caring and helpful promoting an atmosphere of positive energy and healing.

My therapist, Sally Hawkins, an expert in upper limb rehabilitation, treated my “frozen” shoulder with great skill and focus on detail. She consistently maintained a caring attitude, not only to me , but to other clients as well, making our experience as pleasant and fun as possible. She acknowledged our efforts at the end of each session, which was encouraging indeed. I’m grateful to have had her as my therapist.

I am glad my physician recommended your facility.


- Barbara

APT has helped me “recover” from a broken ankle, 2 rotator cuff surgeries (on the same shoulder) – OUCH!! And, I just “graduated” from physical therapy for a shoulder impingement (on my “good” shoulder). So, I’ve definitely gotten to know your staff VERY well and feel very comfortable with them.

Thankfully, I haven’t needed any therapy for quite a while – but I knew Phil Tyre had left APT – he had, in my opinion, done a really great job – so I was a little apprehensive about my return to APT for therapy this time.

But, I must say, your new staff is also very knowledgeable, very personable and very professional. Scott explained every step of my therapy and helped me get the most benefit out of each session.

I’ve referred many people to APT and even made the statement that I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physical therapy and that will remain – that is – as long as you continue to employ the same knowledgeable and personable employees as you have been.

- Barbara A.

Hi Michele,
Really appreciate all the help with my recent knee replacement. Such a great “tem” at Atlantic Physical Therapy. The limo drivers were great and so helpful during this cold winter.
My best to all,

- Betsy Kearney

Just wanted to send a personal note of thanks for my 5 months at Atlantic Physical Therapy. Your staff is OUTSTANDING! This is why I travelled from Ocean City to the Pines 3 times per week.

Jennifer my pool therapist was outstanding. She was totally committed to the client. Charles was great also. The support staff, Jayme and Michele, was also extremely helpful to me. Please pass my thanks to all. I will continue to tell everybody how great Atlantic PT continues to be.

- Bob McCarthy

I was impressed with how much improvement I had after physical therapy. Phil and Kevin were great!!!

- Carol

Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You truly are a wonderful person and I thank you also for all of your wisdom, information and kindness as you helped and taught me how to deal with my condition. I am still faithfully doing my exercises.

- Carrie B

I truly was helped by the therapy. I always felt a lot better after a therapy session. I always felt cared about and enjoyed the interaction with the therapist. Wish I could go everyday. I will return as soon as Medicare approves me again. We appreciate the kind and warm professional ways in which we were treated. Thank you and God bless you all!

- Charles & Wife


I cannot express how much of a positive influence you had on my recovery process. You are a caring individual who takes pride in your work. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping me recover from my injury. I continue to make progress daily. Sunday, my first on call day was an eleven hour day and I was able to get through it without problems. I can start IV’s again-no shaking!!! Keep on keeping and you are the BEST!

The entire staff was great- they made me feel better about my ordeal. I let my colleagues know if they need therapy, Atlantic Physical Therapy is the place to go.

- Cindy

Robert, Bobby, Sally, Charles C, Charles O, Michele, Jayme, Blake, Gavin and everyone else,

Our friendship is something to cherish, it’s just one of those moments to tell you how great of friends you are.

- Dana M

Prior to surgery, I asked Charles what equipment I should avoid after hip replacement. His advice and counsel reassured me that I should rehab at Atlantic Physical Therapy. Charles was very supportive and encouraging throughout my rehab. Your entire staff was friendly and accommodating.

- Donald

The staff at the Laurel, DE office was very supportive and encouraging at all times. My dull pain went away during my sessions. I would definitely return to your facility.
Thank you

- Frank F.

The quality of personnel exceeds any expectations that one can imagine available to their therapy. All facilities are of highest quality.

- Fred T.

I visited Sally for physical therapy on my shoulder. She was wonderful!! I had increased range of motion after my first visit. My quality of life has greatly improved. I just wish I had done it earlier and not suffered so long!

- Heather

Everyone at the Laurel, DE office is very nice and I will come back, because they are good therapists. Thank you.

- Hong Trinh

Michelle Lantz at the Salisbury office was extremely friendly, helpful and kind to me as well as my kids. She was extra helpful in sorting out my insurance issues. Much appreciated and thank you, will be back in the future.

- J. Adkins

The Laurel DE office provided excellent service, no complaints, very friendly atmosphere. Therapists and staff were very engaging with all patients while I was there. I would definitely return for future services.

- J. Maddox

Thanks so much to Atlantic Physical Therapy for treating me after my stroke. I received excellent therapy and they were very professional. They even did therapy on problems I was having before the stroke, like balance.


- J. Pounds

I would highly recommend anyone who needs help and pain to use Atlantic Physical Therapy. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted till the end of your session, everyone and everything is top class. The facility itself is clean, friendly, and appropriate. Thanks to all for taking such good care of me.

- Janet

Atlantic Physical Therapy was wonderful after surgery of a full knee replacement I developed lymphodemia of the foot and leg. Sally at APT had the swelling down a lot after the first week and on my last day my leg was normal! I would highly recomend Atlantit Physical Therapy.

- JB

To each and every one of you, my heartfelt thanks for your care and patience.

- Jeanette L.

Good Morning Mr. Hammond.

This letter is being written to let you know how pleased I was with the care and treatment I received. Sally Hawkins – STELLAR – and Michele Herold, Front Office Manager, assisted in making my husbands transition to your therapy organization transparent, a BIG HELP! Bobby Hammond, DPT, is providing the PT Jeff needed and healing is going in the right direction. Glad we found him. Charles, Gavin, Blake and Dave I observed gave professional and helpful treatment to their patients. As I shared with you in business, you have (3) components:

  1. People
  2. Product
  3. Profit

Without the first you can’t do anything with the other two. Thank them for me.

- Judith L. Lunnen

My back was really immobilizing me as far as walking and doing exercises. I have a spur on my spine which causes me a great deal of pain. My Doctor told me to lose weight due to the fact that I also have diabetes. Along with diet changes, she recommended that I do exercises to help the weight loss. I could not walk for any length of time. I would have to sit and rest after walking short distances.

The doctor recommended water therapy. I started this therapy 2 months ago at the Atlantic Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in Millsboro, Delaware. I went three days a week and am now in my last week of this therapy. Needless to say, I am able to walk longer, as the pain in my back has subsided to a lesser degree.

The staff at the center are caring and helpful. The atmosphere of friendliness also made me feel very comfortable during this time. I wish to thank all the staff at the rehab center, especially my therapist Christina, for a job well done.

- K.

My name is Karen. In March of 2006, I was in a severe car accident. I was flown to Shock Trauma. My left arm, 3 left ribs, and my left knee and leg were severely broken. After months of surgery and an internal fixator, I was finally able to start Physical Therapy. Atlantic Physical Therapy Sports and Fitness was who would take me on as a patient even when all other Physical Therapy places refused me, because I had no insurance and they couldn’t wait for the settlement for payment.

The therapists there are very attentive to your needs. Mike started showing me the way to walk again. Christine and Charles worked out my routine and ALWAYS encouraged me to keep working and have a positive attitude. They give you one-on-one attention and they also treat you like you are part of their family, not just another number or just another patient. Lisa and Gabby are the best! They always ask how you are and really want to hear the answer!

The whole team is a family who cares. I would not have gotten as far as I have if it weren’t for the expertise of these people, the care and the concern. The special attention to each and every person who walks in the door. Even if you can’t find a ride, they will come to get you. It has been 7 months and I’m out of a wheel chair and wlaking with a cane! I even did a 3 mile walk for breast cancer awareness. If it weren’t for Atlantic Physical Therapy I wouldn’t be doing as well. I highly recommend if you need good Physical Therapy with that touch of encouragement and concern for you.

Go to Atlantic Physical Therapy Sports Medicine. I did and I am very happy with my treatments and the results so far. I know I have a long way to go, but, with the help of Mike, Charles, Christine, Lisa and Gabby I am positive it will be as pleasant as it can be or should I say it will be nice to continue my relationship and progress with them. I should also say I started my therapy with Dominique and she is the one who gave me courage and strength to do on to Aqua Therapy. Thank you all from Atlantic Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for the encouragement and concern that you all have given me.

- K.

After my session of therapy on my lower back, I felt back to myself again. I was hoping prior to my therapy that I would be able to have my lower spine alignmentback into place, straight and flexible and returned to where I could do things againand not hurt.

With a smile and no pain I was happy to say thetherapy at Atlantic Physical Therapy Rehab has truly gotten me back on my feet And being active once again!

I thank all the therapist, Dave,Charles, and Heather, who worked with me to progress to a positive state. Havingphysical therapy with such a wonderful group of people to work with including a warm and friendly officestaff as well. I will make a future return if needed, an easy venture.

Thank you.

- K. P.

I was so blessed to have found Sally Hawkins as my Occupational Therapist this summer. Thank you for all the help you were able to give me, I truly appreciate it.

- Kathleen R

This letter is to tell you how much I enjoy going to therapy at the Laurel rehab location, when you walk in; you are greeted by Rita’s smiling face. She does your paper work. You usually only have no more than a 10 minute wait to go to the back. That’s where you’ll see Phil or Dr. Philas we jokingly call him. Along with Chris, Tara and Kevin (cool Kev) are the hands on therapist. They all have a way of making you fell very comfortable as you go thru your routine. Even though some of the routine may hurt a little they have a way of making you realize “no pain, no gain”.

Don’t trade any of them.

- L. Douglas

Dear Gavin,

I just wanted to compliment you on the way you carry out your duties of transporting patients between their homes and Atlantic Physical Therapy. Yes it’s your job but the way you handle it shows what a fine young man you are. You are kind, caring and patient; literally lending a hand to patients from their homes, into and out of the van and back up steps into their home. You also make a point of engaging everyone in conversation. Thanks for being you, it has been a pleasure getting to know you.

- Linda R.

Thanks for all the help after my two knee replacements in 2014. I appreciate the exercises, attention, suggestions and assistance in returning to a normal state.

After my orthopedic appt in January I will be back to try out your gym.

- Lynn D

Thank you again for letting me volunteer/shadow with you all. I have learned a lot in a short time which is extraordinary All of the hands on experience and answers for my endless questions has been greatly appreciated. I will miss volunteering here and you all!

- Mary H

I had some doubts before I started because I never did physical therapy before. The doubts went away after my first appointment at the West Ocean City, MD location. It was a fun experience and I looked forward to every appointment. You have an excellent staff. They couldn’t have been nicer! (Barbara, Angela, Cheryl and Dave)

- Mr. Gress

I couldn’t of asked for any better service or experience. I am so happy with my recovery. Thank you so much.

- Mr. Robbins

It is hard to be excellent but the staff at the Laurel, DE location was the Best!!!

- Mrs. Jenkins

Gwyn Benny, PT at the Salisbury, MD location is the best!! I have been working with her off and on for 25 years. Her technical skills are the best and I will always return for future care.

- N. Schlicker

I found the staff to be knowledgeable, courteous,helpful and sympathetic to my requirements.

I would not hesitate to recommend Atlantic PhysicalTherapy to anyone needing physical therapy.

- P. Q.

I found the entire staff at Atlantic Physical Therapy to be highly professional, friendly, and competent. Jayme was a wizard with the complexities of the insurance program. She went above and beyond to investigate the specifics of my ever-changing plan. All the therapists (Charles, Dave, and Heather) who worked with me demonstrated professionalism with a personal touch. The facility was consistently maintained and sanitary. I actually enjoyed my session at Atlantic Physical Therapy because of the pleasant, supportive atmosphere. Best of luck to all of you…and THANKS!! I just spun for an hour then body pump, and hopefully a swim to top it off…Thanks to you!!

- Pat

Michele and Staff

Thank you all so much for all you have done to help me recover from surgery. You have been so helpful and supportive. I appreciate the smile and encouragement you have shown me these past months. I will miss seeing you.

- Patricia P.

Dear Mr. Hammond,

When I woke up at Shock Trauma in Baltimore I just couldn’t believe what everyone was telling me had happened. From the moment I left there and went to Deers Head in Salisbury I was determined my next stop would be home. Well I never made it home but I did make it to mom’s and would never have been able to come to your therapy without the love and friendship you have to give. Everyone there seems like family and I will be so sad to have to stop. You have no idea what’s been done for me, in what I consider, a short amount of time. I will never be able to repay you for all you’ve done. All I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God Bless you and take care of you always.

- Patsy

I have been a patient at Atlantic Physical Therapy on three occasions. On each occasion, my experience was very satisfactory, and I had definite improvement.

- Paul

Atlantic Physical Therapy staff was a very nice group of people who cared and took interest in your well being. Everyone from the secretaries, therapists, management and owner wanted to help me in anyway that they could. I would like to thank Sally who talked to my doctor as she took the pin out of my finger. She saved me a trip to the doctor in Baltimore. She is truly a wonderful person/therapist and professional. I would highly recommend Atlantic Physical Therapy to anyone.

- R. Batton

My name is Reba R. I have arthritis in my neck. I went to my doctor for an evaluation to find out how I could manage my pain. He said surgery might help, but he would advise against it, because sometimes it can worsen the problem. He told me to try physical therapy. I keep very active and most times I can control my pain, but sometimes, I need help. Charles Curran did an evaluation on me, gave me a lot of exercises to do, and did gentle massages on my neck to relieve my pain. I am glad I decided to go to therapy. Charles and his assistant, Dave, helped me through my bad times of pain when I get inflammation in my neck. Again, I know where to go for help. I thank you both.

- Reba

On today’s date I completed 20 sessions of wrist therapy with Sally Hawkins. During every session with Sally, she was kind, compassionate, professional and very knowledgeable of her subject matter. In my short time at Atlantic Physical Therapy my wrist injury has improved immensely. If anyone in the future inquires about hand therapy, I will highly recommend that they seek out Sally Hawkins, as I think she is “the best of the best.”

Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation to Michele, who does an outstanding job as the office manager and makes everyone feel welcome. Throughout my sessions Monse’ was a big help to Sally and the other therapists, and was pleasant to work with. My experience at Atlantic Physical Therapy has been very positive, and although I hope that I don’t have to return for treatment in the future, I would not hesitate to return to this facility.

Thanks also for sponsoring two (2) tee signs for our upcoming Ravens Roost #96 Golf Tournament. We appreciate your support for our charity the “Veteran Support Centers of America.”

- Regina

Dear Editor:

I had the pleasure of living in Worcester County this summer. However, while here I was recuperating from knee surgery performed at a hospital in New York City. Therefore, I spent my summer undergoing physical therapy. As someone who has spent twenty years attending PT on and off again for miscellaneous injuries I felt that I would be able to select a good match for my needs. Well, did I find a perfect fit! Atlantic Physical Therapy of Pines Plaza, Berlin offered me unsurpassed treatment. My therapists, Charles Curran and Heather Little, as well as all of the staff were dedicated, kind, and knowledgeable professionals. The quality of my care, the cleanliness of the facility, and the efficient manner in which I was treated by the upbeat staff made my healing virtually pain-free. As a seasoned PT recipient I must say the individualized treatment that was offered to me here on the eastern shore at Atlantic Physical Therapy was tops.

To all of the staff of Atlantic Physical Therapy, please accept my heartfelt thank you. Your constant encouragement and support was (and is) greatly appreciated.

- Rose

I highly recommend treatment with the professionals at Atlantic Physical Therapy. I was recently diagnosed with two torn tendons in my right shoulder, which caused pain in my neck, shoulder and upper arm. I had difficulty lifting things, raising my arm above my shoulder, brushing my hair or writing for any length of time. I also had trouble turning my neck to see so I could safely back up my car-that movement caused excruciating pain.

Several close friends who witnessed my discomfort recommended Atlantic Physical Therapy since they had positive experiences with the treatment they had received there. When my doctor mentioned the possibility of surgery, I knew I needed to head to the closest Atlantic Physical Therapy branch!

Bobby Hammond the son of the founder of this wonderful practice welcomed me to my new experience. After he examined me, he set up a 3-times-a-week treatment plan to help alleviate my pain and strengthen my muscles. After a few sessions, I began to see quite a difference in my endurance, I could work through my session and soon cut minutes off the time it took. Before long, I felt gradual relief fro the pain which brought me through the doors in the first place.

I continued with my visits for nine weeks and eventually was able to perform the tasks that I previously had been unable to accomplish and with little or no pain. My treatment involved heat packs, e-stim, ice bags and massage to the painful shoulder area. I also did stretching exercises, worked with weights, a pulley and another machine for upper-arm mobility.

If you’re in pain, I recommend physical therapy at one of the nearby Atlantic Physical Therapy branches; I assure you the treatment with these dedicated professionals will do you a world of good! Please don’t continue to merely endure your pain or muscle stiffness instead visit the professionals at Atlantic Physical Therapy; you won’t be disappointed!

- Ruth

I enjoyed therapy so much! Each week there was more and more progress, more and more improvement, more and more function. I could not have ever done this alone. It has been a truly life changing experience. I had lost hope before the spinal procedure. I had resigned myself to a limited existence from a wheelchair and pain that never ceased. A few weeks ago I realized that all that pain is now gone. And at time goes by I am certain that I will regain my strength and stamina. I know that a year in a wheelchair steals away more than just independence. My healing has had a firm foundation, one that I will continue to build on physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you all so very much for all you have done. The staff that worked with me — Mary, Emily and Charles — was just great! With their help I have gone from post surgery wheelchair to walking a mile a day and so much more. I have my life back. That is irreplaceable.

- S. Reynolds

I love it there!! Thanks to Phil, Kevin, Rita, and Lyndsey!!

- Shirley

Thank you for making me feel so much better during my pregnancy. You are always so friendly and nice. I will miss you all when I’m done with my treatment.

- Silviya G

Dear Bob & Sally,

I would like to personally thank Bob Hammond and Sally Hawkins for the great job that they do. Atlantic Physical Therapy has worked closely with our student athletes at Stephen Decatur High School over the past six years. You are always willing to see our youngsters on late notice to get them back onto the playing fields. Many of our players would not be the athletes they are today if not for the kind and generous work of your office. Bob, your generosity in helping others is unparalleled. Atlantic Physical Therapy is a great asset to our fine community. I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you do for the schools and let me share my own personal story.

In late May, my daughter broke her thumb in gym class. Many doctors seeing a broken thumb on an 11 year old would have taken the easy road and put a hard cast on the break. I shared with the doctor that my daughter had an active several months coming up filled with athletic events. The only place that they thought could help us was Atlantic Physical Therapy. We arrived at your office in Berlin with an upset youngster who thought that she would miss summer camp and 5 tournaments with her “best friends” and that she would be letting the team down. Sally wouldn’t let that happen. She fixed my daughter up with a removable split which enabled her to grip a lacrosse stick quite well, not to mention making swimming an option. Well, summer is over and lacrosse season is winding down, her team did very well and our family had many great days at the pool and beach. She would not have enjoyed all of the excitement of being the team if it weren’t for your creative solutions in molded hand cases by Atlantic Physical Therapy. Her thumb is 100% healed and we are looking forward to next season already.

Thank you, Atlantic Physical Therapy.

- Stephen Decatur High School

Treatment at the Salisbury, MD location was Very Good. Gwyn and Michelle were always friendly, accommodating and professional. Couldn’t be happier with the service I received and will definitely return for future care. Thank you.

- T. Herberger

Charles and Dave,

Thank you for all the dedication and help you give to each of your patients every day.

I appreciate everything you have done to help me get well and will never forget your kindness and dedication.

I found this famous quote this morning on the internet and thought of how you guys work so diligently to assist others in achieving success.

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.”

– Unkown Author

So I express my gratitude to you and your staff in assisting me in my success!

Thank you for all that you do!

- Theresa

I would like to recognize the following staff for exceeding my expectations during my physical therapy: Rita, Kevin, Lyndsey, and Phil – Outstanding!!!

- Unknown

From the moment I walked into the Millsboro Atlantic Physical Therapy location, I was greeted warmly and treated professionally! Their state-of-the-art facility and warm decor made my experience a pure joy! Not only was the staff concerned about my physical condition but spent time getting to know me personally. It was immediately obvious to me as I observed the interaction between all the staff and clients that this was normal protocol: spending quality time with patients in a non-hurried atmosphere! And…my treatment was a huge success; no pain in less than 2 weeks! A job well done!

- Unknown

Healing takes time, patience, knowledge and hard work. At Atlantic Physical Therapy I have experienced all of these as well as the compassionate encouragement of the staff, who have continuously provided motivation and commitment to my healing process.

- Valerie L.

I had my hip replaced first of May. The experience I had at Atlantic Physical Therapy with the staff made therapy a pleasure instead of something I had to do. I had my hip replaced first of May. The experience I had at Atlantic Physical Therapy with the staff made therapy a pleasure instead of something I had to do.

- Vernon D.


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