Lower Back Pain

Matt August 2017One of the many conditions we often treat here at Atlantic Physical Therapy is low back pain. While back pain is quite common, I found that many people have misconceptions about back pain that can lead to unnecessary fear and in some cases even unnecessary treatments that can be quite costly. To help clarify some of these issues I will be posting once a month about some back pain myths and sharing important truths about back pain that are well supported in medical literature.

First, let’s talk about cost. Did you know that back pain accounts for 10% of all primary care physician visits? According to a study published in the Spine Journal in September 2009, back pain alone accounts for $86 billion in annual healthcare spending. And more recent studies show that this number is actually increasing.

With rising health care costs, increasing deductibles and higher co-pays, this means that your back pain may be costing you a lot of money. I have good news though!

Here are some stats that I love to share:

  • Individuals who receive physical therapy within the first 14 days following the onset of pain, spend $2700 less than those who wait to see a physical therapist.
  • Patients who receive advanced imaging before going to physical therapy spend almost $5000 more than those who get physical therapy first.
    So, if you have back pain, come see one of our physical therapists at Atlantic Physical Therapy. We can get you feeling better and save you money in the process!

Matthew Savini DPT, OCS, CSCS

Atlantic Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Ocean View Clinic