Balance & Confidence

At Atlantic physical therapy it is imperative that we not only improve your overall balance, but your confidence as well.

Research shows that a lack of confidence in balance can be linked to an increase in risk for falls. For this reason, we help rehabilitate the entire person from the hip-ankle strategy to strength as well as their confidence.

Always here for you, always rooting you on, Atlantic Physical Therapy

Bobby Hammond, PT, DPT
Atlantic Physical Therapy, West Fenwick, DE
October 1, 2017

I wanted to remind every one that October is National Physical Therapy month. We are a full service PT clinic specializing in orthopedics, neurological,and vestibular disorders. We also handle workmen’s comp, and motor vehicle accident cases. Our Ocean Pines location also specializes in lymphedema treatment and has a certified hand specialist. Please come in for a free tour before choosing a rehab specialist. Remember, were you go for physical or occupational therapy is YOUR choice!

Charles Curran, PT
Atlantic Physical Thearpy
Ocean Pines, MD
September 28, 2017

This favorite picture of mine that I give to patients when they are frustrated with their progress or even a temporary regression in therapy. Often we think of recovery as linear progression where we will get better every day that goes by. I’m not saying this is not the case, however there are often hurdles and plateaus along the way and it’s important to reflect and maintain perspective.

Levi Custis, DPT
Atlantic Physical Therapy
Laurel, DE

Levi September