Acute Compartment Syndrome

Heroin use is on the rise and we as therapists can play an important role in the rehabilitation post surgery process …
Complications of opiate overdose may include infections ( cellulitis) and rhabdomyolysis ( rapid muscle break down). A consequence of rhabdomyolysis is progression to compartment syndrome( potentially life threatening) – a painful condition that occurs when pressure within the muscles builds to dangerous levels.
Acute compartment syndrome is a medical emergency requiring a fasciotomy( surgical procedure) to allow the pressure to return to normal.
Presented here is a 25 year old male status post fasciotomy with a skin graft.
Our goal in Occupational Therapy
( Berlin, MD clinic) is to restore motion, strength, decrease scar formation, and regain functional mobility. Enclosed is a video sample of treatment to decrease scar adhesions thru range of motion stretches.
Sally Hawkins OTR/L, CHT, CLT

Sally Jan 1 Sally Jan 2